BrightLights: Early Years - The Stage Musical Theatre Academy

BrightLights: Early Years

BrightLights: Early Years

(formerly the Young Artist Series)

An arts based preschool alternative for our youngest friends!

  • Age: 3-5  years*
  • Tuition:
    • $30 per class per week
    • Discounts offered for multiple classes chosen
  • Available Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays (September to May)
  • Time: 9am – 12pm (3 hours) OR 1:00-4:00pm (3 hours)
  • Schedule: Minimum registration is 1 month at a time. You can register for as many months in advance as you like. Payments are made monthly.
  • Location: River Market Studio

*Students must be 3 years old by the first day of their class. We do not accept 2 year olds in this program.



Students will enjoy a class that will fulfill their love of music and movement. Using our most loved preschool music curriculum we enjoy a full music class with sticks, scarves, drums, bells, eggs and ribbons while playing games and telling stories. At the end of the day students can explore painting, drawing, chalk, clay, crafts, crayons, pencils and more while we create works of art to round out the class! For more information please see the schedule below!


The perfect class for our newest movers and shakers! A full creative movement class awaits students looking to spread their wings and soar. With dancing games we introduce basic technique and vocabulary while enjoying movement stories and props like scarves, ribbons and blocks. At the end of the day students can explore painting, drawing, chalk, clay, crafts, crayons, pencils and more while we create works of art to round out the class! For more information please see the schedule below!


This way to the stage! Students will discover a love of creating story characters and getting that voice out into the classroom! Our young stage players will find their inner confidence and desire to be heard through drama games, stories, memory activities and character play. t the end of the day students can explore painting, drawing, chalk, clay, crafts, crayons, pencils and more while we create works of art to round out the class! For more information please see the schedule below!


The same schedule applies to our afternoon classes also with a start time of 1:00pm.

9:00-9:15am – Arrival and Tinker Tray

  • Students can take their time settling in to the day with a tray full of different materials to design and build with. This gathering time gives students a chance to warm into the day and have discussion with their friends before circle time.

9:15-9:30am – Welcome Circle

  • Students are invited to join the teacher at our Welcome Circle where we do a hello song and do a little bit of “business”. We learn about the days of the week, calendar numbers, months of the year and the weather. When time allows we also include a short activity like letter writing trays, memory games or stories.

9:30-10:25am – Class Time

  • Depending on the day of the week this is the time when we participate in our music, dance or theatre class.

10:25-10:30am – Quiet Time

  • This part of the class is used to transition students from their class time and into the second half. Students enjoy the 3-5 minutes of peaceful music on their own blanket to calm their bodies and ready their ears before moving on. (Oddly this becomes one of the most requested activities!)

10:30-10:40am – Bathroom Trip (please read the section about the Bathroom below)

  • Students and their teachers take a quick trip to the bathroom located down the hall from our River Market studio. All students are encouraged to try so that outside time isn’t interrupted with emergency trips to the bathroom.

10:40-10:45am – Get ready for outside

  • Students, with a teacher’s help where necessary, get themselves geared up for outdoor play. We are outside in all weather so students will be appropriately dress for all seasons.

10:45-11:15am – Outdoor play

  • This class can enjoy numerous different play areas. Because of the construction around River Market at this point in time we stick to the boardwalk where we enjoy chalk and bubbles, walks along the river and occasional trips to Quayside Park. When the new tugboat park is built this area is our absolute favourite place to play!

11:15-11:35am – Snack Time

  • Playing is hungry work and now’s our time to refuel! Parents provide students with a nutritious, allergen free snack, and a refillable water bottle to keep us going!

11:35-11:55am – Art

  • Students will explore a variety of different, age appropriate art and craft activities. Sometimes our projects will take a couple sessions to complete and other days we will get to take them home right away. Anything that is kept is put into an art book to enjoy at the end of the term.

11:55-12:00pm – Goodbye Circle

  • To be fair our students have dubbed it “Goodbye Bench” based on where we sit. Here we discuss our favourite activity of the day and sing a goodbye song to booked our class expertly. Once ready with all our belongings the door is open and home we go!




Students must be fairly self sufficient with using the toilet at the start of their program. We cannot accept students who are still using diapers or trainers. Assistance in the bathroom will consist of helping your child on to/off of the toilet, clothing help and hand washing.

Please read our BATHROOM POLICY for more information


Play clothes are best as we may get messy outside and during art! Weather appropriate clothing is mandatory as well as a change of clothes if students are at a risk for bathroom accidents.


Our curriculum run as a year long program. This means that students who are with us each month won’t repeat the same themes month to month. This is ensures that students who decide to take a full year of programming will enjoy an endless variety of activities, and students who enjoy this program month to month won’t have to worry about growing bored of particular subjects.


Twice a year, in December and May, our students will host a small recital for parents at the end of the last class of the term. It will include activities learned throughout the term.


Classes do not run on statutory holidays including Good Friday. Classes break for winter holidays, Spring Break and Summer Break.


Don’t see a class time that works for you? Please submit a class schedule idea here

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