Bathroom Policy - The Stage Musical Theatre Academy

Bathroom Policy

bathroom policy

For the health and safety of students and teachers it is important to be familiar with our bathroom policy for students who attend classes without a parent.

Teachers and assistants are only responsible for

  • escorting students to and from the bathroom when necessary
  • ensuring quiet, respectful behaviour while in the bathroom
  • ensuring students wash their hands

When necessary, with younger students, teachers and assistants, with student permission, may also assist with

  • helping with buttons & zippers both on and off
  • helping a child on to and off of a toilet and then leaving the stall

Teachers and assistants are NOT required to:

  • assist with bathroom hygiene (ex//wiping)
  • change diapers or pull ups

When in the bathroom teachers and assistants

  • stand outside the stall unless a child requires help
  • if a child requires help the teacher or assistant will ask “Do you need help?” before entering the stall

If a child has an accident teachers and assistants should, when necessary:

  • ask child if you can help them with their clothing
  • assist child out of wet clothing while wearing gloves
  • deposit wet clothing into plastic bag and tie up
  • put plastic bag in child’s backpack
  • help child into clean, dry clothing (parent provided)
  • inform parent at the end of the class of the accident

If a child is not prepared with an extra set of clothing a teacher or assistant can:

  • borrow clothing from lost and found
  • or if there is no lost and found clothing, call the parent to inform them of the accident and that the child will need dry clothing delivered.