About The Stage New Westminster

About The Stage

Unlocking the courage and resilience in each student so that they may

achieve their highest potential in the arts and in life.

No matter their identity, any way, shape, colour and form, no matter their personality, whether delightfully outgoing or wonderfully introverted, and arts education is for every child.

There is a widespread myth that “the arts”, an umbrella encompassing anything creative, is somehow beneficial, even reserved, only for people who show an inherent, birth given, talent or aptitude that is only for a select few.

Let’s obliterate that myth.

Every student who walks through our doors is inherently creative and carries within themselves talents and ideas that are important to bring to the world. No matter their experience every student brings value to their classes and we are honoured to have them as member of our Stage family.

A young student who hasn’t had much experience in social groups will find a comfortable place to make friends, stretch their imaginations, explore how their body moves, play with language and learn to hear their voice loud and proud in a room of their peers. And, perhaps best of all, all of these benefits are delivered through game play, your child won’t even know that they’re developing life skills that will encourage them again and again as they grow in all areas of their life.

An older student who has always wanted to explore the arts but has been afraid to share their vulnerability will find programs where vulnerability is not only acknowledged, but celebrated. They will find instructors who feel an immense responsibility to show each student what they are capable of, and help hold them to a higher standard than they they thought they were capable of.

A parent, who wants their child to grow into a confident, independent thinker who knows they have the power to achieve anything they want in their life as long as they are armed with courage and resilience, will watch their child soar as they brave the stage in their 1st performance, or even their 8th.

Or maybe you’re a parent who is attending with your first baby. You’ve taken the first step in deciding to move about the world in this new role and we can’t wait to bring you into the inner circle of new parents. You will find a supportive and encouraging environment that might even teach you that even you (Yes! You!) are more creative than you thought. Parenting is an art!

Imagine for a moment a person who doesn’t remember a time when they were afraid to speak up or speak out, or a person who doesn’t remember not being willing to make a presentation to a group of peers or colleagues. Imagine a person who makes choices guided by the firm sense of self that has given them healthy values. Imagine people who have practiced bravery and courage, empathy and compassion and what those people will do to the future of our communities.

Idealistic? Lofty? Bold? Absolutely. Because positively changing how our young people view themselves in our world has to start somewhere. We believe it’s starting here.

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