Testimonials - The Stage Musical Theatre Academy


Lucan Trenaman greatly enjoys his time at The Stage Musical Theatre summer program. He enjoys the humour of the plays, especially his role as Cut Throat Tom (who is afraid of blood) in "The Pirate's Tale". Lucan's confidence and voice projection grow with each performance and Erin commented that he is total delight to work with. Lucan loves creating sets and costumes and meeting new people, he is delighted when he runs into a Stage cast mate when out and about in New West. Lucan is very excited and insistent about spending a week at The Stage again next summer.

Musical Theatre Day Camp August 28, 2017

My daughter loves this program. I have seen her blossom and become less shy because of it.

Musical Theatre Day Camp August 25, 2017

We love the Stage! Our son came out of his "shell" and enjoyed spending his time becoming his character, creating art for the production, and playing with friends. This is our second day camp week with the Stage and we absolutely felt our son has been through a meaningful experience! The Stage brought out his creativity, increased his confidence, and most importantly; made him smile. Thank you!

Musical Theatre Day Camp August 25, 2017

My son has been attending classes since he was seven months old and it has been amazing to watch him learn and experience music! All the teachers are awesome as well!

Fiona Lampman February 14, 2017

Stefanie has a beautiful voice and is an excellent performing arts teacher! Her team of instructors and staff are all amazing....the bonus is she is beyond awesome with kids. My daughter and sons look forward to classes and are coming out of their shy shells nicely. A great choice if you are looking to enroll your children in something rewarding!

Rtley ahs January 8, 2016

Thank you guys for such a fun experience. Our son LOVED performing. I did also want to say you guys runs a camp so incredibly well. The handout prior to the camp, the materials during camp, and a follow up thank you - no one else is doing such stuff and is it greatly appreciated. I not once felt like I didn’t know what was going on. The communication was top notch.

Jen Arbo Regarding Musical Theatre Summer Day Camp July 21, 2015

Maya loved going to 'dance class' every Saturday. Stefanie is a wonderful teacher, who is able to see the unique gifts in each child.

Kathy Powelson June 18, 2015

The Stage is a lovely studio with talented instructors. My 2 year old son enjoyed learning how to play musical instruments, dance, and even how to rest after all of the excitement! Stefanie his instructor has a lot of patience and loves her job and her students.

Janet Lee June 17, 2015

The kids had a wonderful time! Christina was great and did lots of fun games and activities with them. We probably could have shortened the activity time down a bit; the kids were getting hungry and thirsty towards the end but I think Christina wanted to make sure everyone got a turn on the parachute (which was a big hit!). The room looked great and worked perfectly for us.

I asked my child what her favourite part was and she said "all of it!".

Ashleigh Young Birthday Party March 10, 2015

Our 3 year old son absolutely adores Ms. Christina, and constantly asks to go to "music class".

Marianne Hunter December 9, 2014

Instructor has excellent relationship/engagement skills with children of varied personalities and abilities. She was able to balance fun with challenge to skill development. My daughter experienced great sense of achievement, increased performance skills, improved confidence, as well as the joy of teamwork and new friendships. I would strongly recommend this performance program to other families.

Parent of Musical Theatre Day Camp Student September 8, 2014

My daughter was excited each day she attended day camp (Musical Theatre Day Camp) and couldn't wait to share her experiences. She gained confidence and her artistic abilities were fully supported and encouraged. We enjoyed watching her rehearse at home with such enthusiasm. The end result being the final performance was fantastic. We were so impressed at how much these girls learned and memorized in such a short period of time. Thank you Ms. Stephanie! Well done.

Melanie Henderson August 29, 2014

"Thank you Stefanie for making my daughter feel so comfortable...she can't wait to come back!!!"

Kush Roho Parent of VoicePlay student August 13, 2014

"Our five year old daughter Audrey loves her classes at The Stage New West. She has been going to classes there for about the last year. There are two things that make The Stage an exceptional program. The first is the way that classes build my daughters confidence and self-awareness. The second is the information Ms. Stefanie shares during "parent sharing" classes where she talks about how the activities of the class are linked to child development. This is more than a fun music and movement class- its actively developing my daughters potential. "

Kathleen McConnell August 13, 2014

"I've seen my son change since attending Stefanie's class. She's helped make him more independent, outgoing and musical. I constantly find him humming to myself while playing. Also her in-class exercises have helped him  get ahead faster in other classes, like gymnastics.  But more importantly, he LOVES this class.  I feel confident in saying that I want my son to be part of her classes for years to come."

Martin Lowe August 13, 2014

"Stage Toddler has been thoroughly enjoyable for both my wee one and her parents! Without her even knowing it, she's receiving an excellent foundation in music, and she's having a fantastic time doing it! Stefanie's enthusiasm and amazing engagement with the kids, always at their own individual level, makes it all fantastic."

Julie MacLellan August 13, 2014

I am incredibly impressed with the Stage program my son has been enrolled in. He has learned musical notation, is engaged in music and singing, and has become very close with his friends at the Stage. I also like that materials are included and that Parent Sharing is offered so that I can learn about what he's doing and learning in class. One thing I really appreciate is that the classes are much longer than other activities we have taken before, at a full hour, which means I can actually run a few errands while he's enjoying class. Plus, the cost actually work out to a cheaper price than his karate lessons.

Jen Arbo August 13, 2014