Testimonials - The Stage Musical Theatre Academy


“The Stage has allowed L to challenge herself in many ways. She has built up her confidence through their programs while having SO MUCH FUN! She is always tired but inspired after her classes.” – Cheryl S.

My kids love The Stage and look forward to doing the musical theatre camps every year! I have noticed both are more self confident in being able to speak in front of peers at school because of all the performance experience.” – Angela A.

My daughter has loved all of the classes she has taken. All of the teachers and staff are amazing -they are great with the kids and more than happy to answer any questions I have. My daughter has always been pretty outgoing, but I have noticed her self confidence soar through these classes.” – Christine G.

My boys loved attending the program at The Stage! It gave them a start to important social skills and a great base in rhythm and dance which they have carried with them into their primary school years. They missed attending the program and often mentioned it well into the following year after they finished.” – Gabriella K.

“I was actively battling postpartum depression when I signed my son up for music classes in an attempt to bring me out of isolation. The inclusive and vibrant teaching helped bring me out of my fog and focus on participating on behalf of my son (who was only 4 months old when I started the class). The format of the class allows for other parents in the class to talk before and afterwards which helped me form additional relationships. My son LOVED the music class and watching other children sit, crawl, and waddle around.” – Sara S.

“My kids love coming, they love the caring staff and have so much fun dancing.”- Karen B.

“As parents, we made lifelong friends with other families in New Westminster that we cherish and are now our village. We’ve watched our daughter learn rhythm and beat and had beautiful moments of connection with her. The studio is an immensely welcoming place and a really important part of the community.” – Laura C.

“The Stage is warm and welcoming, and dedicated to supporting kids and their creative imaginations. Stefanie and her team have become an essential part of local events and are great community builders as well as childhood educators” – Lee J.