Lights are on! We're still home! - The Stage Musical Theatre Academy

Lights are on! We’re still home!

To all our Stage Families and for those who might just be discovering us,

We have all been blindsided by the most unusual event to have ever hit the globe during our lifetime. The word unprecedented is being thrown around everywhere, but it truly sums up every step we’re taking as we move forward.

That said, we are so grateful, and incredibly fortunate, to have been able to pivot all of our classes online. After our studio closure on Wednesday March 18th the Stage Team rallied in a way that was truly remarkable. Every staff member mustered every bit of resolve and began working on putting our students at the forefront of our minds to redevelop and redesign our program delivery platforms to ensure that upon returning from what would have been Spring Break, we were ready to welcome everyone back to their class, now online.

As a company we are striving

  • to ensure that every one of our students (and even new comers) has their class with us regardless of financial changes in their family.
  • to ensure that all staff are able to maintain their role in our studio and has the option to provide further class offerings
  • to keep our doors open so that we can welcome you “home” when this is all said and done
  • to continue to provide a weekly outlet for creativity and social time with friends. We love our community dearly and we want to hold it up in these difficult times.

Currently our studio is closed to all classes as well as rentals. The only Stage personnel on sight on a regular basis are teachers who are able to make it to and from our location safely, without risk of social/physical interaction along the way, and only ever one teacher at a time. Staff are following strict “Clean In and Clean Out” policies to further ensure everyone’s safety.

Staff members are utilizing their own spaces to conduct their classes and are handling the transition marvellously.

We have worked tirelessly to educate ourselves as to best online practices including the use of online conferencing services like Zoom so that we can offer you a class that is easy to attend.

While the daily commute truly can’t be beat, we are definitely missing our face to face interactions and all of the energy that rumbles through our rooms on a regular basis. We know that this will not be forever. We know that this will pass and as always, the arts will prevail. We thank you for sticking with us as we do our best to see every child (and their families) rise from this experience stronger and more resilient than we thought possible. This is a very slow beginning to an amazing new future and we consider ourselves incredibly grateful that you have joined us on this journey.

It doesn’t matter where you are, we’re just happy that you’re here.

The Stage Musical Theatre Academy