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Day Camps – Middle School Masters

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Summer at The Stage for our middle school musical theatre fans!

Delve into an interactive and captivating week of music, theatre, dance and art specially designed for seasoned young enthusiasts. The focus remains on the joy of exploration, where participants will immerse themselves in a daily array of artistic endeavors. From intricate art projects to harmonious music activities, from spirited theatre games to expressive acting, and from lively dance sessions to engaging script-centered activities, every moment promises an enriching experience. Each week unveils a fresh theme and script, ensuring a dynamic and stimulating environment. Ideal for those who thrive on creativity, this program offers a platform for forging new friendships while honing artistic skills. Culminating in a LIVE Friday performance, students will proudly unveil their collective creative endeavours to an appreciative audience.

Every student will relish…

  • Engaging in classes, activities, and games that delve deeper into the realms of music, dance, theatre, and art, tailored for middle school learners.
  • Receiving a personalized workbook complete with an authentic script and dedicated journalling pages, serving as a tangible record of their thrilling adventures!
  • Participating in an immersive in-person presentation featuring art pieces brought to life by students, embellished with captivating costumes.
  • Indulging in our outdoor play space or Pier Park field trips to enjoy the beautiful weather.
  • Delving into Film Friday traditions, where each week, a carefully selected thematic movie is screened over the lunch hour, setting the stage for the upcoming show.
  • A digital scrapbook for parents, offering a vivid glimpse into the day’s eclectic events, ensuring no more vague responses like “I don’t know” or “nothing” when asked about their day’s activities.
  • Anticipating a fresh theme with exciting new activities each week, ensuring a continuous stream of discovery and delight!

2024 Schedule

*Worth noting* Each camp is a different theme with a different presentation at the end of each week!

  • Camp Week #1 | July 2-5 | 9am-4:00pm | 11-14 years| $349 + GST | 4 Day Camp *NEW
  • Camp Week #6 | August 6-9 | 9am-4:00pm | 11-14 years | $349 + GST | 4 Day Camp *NEW

Payment is due in full at the time of registration.

A $50 deposit is kept in the event you cancel your camp at any time.

*Waitlisted students will be notified of any available spaces as they become vacant. If you are not notified this means that no spaces have become available. Please check your junk mail folder periodically for updates.*

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