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What It's About

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Belonging | Celebrating | Sharing | Performing 

Our Senior Musical Theatre program invites students ages 14-18 to take all of the knowledge, skills and passion they have developed for the art of Musical Theatre and share it with the world...well maybe not the WHOLE world, but the community in which they live and thrive.

Using skills built in our Junior and Intermediate programs Senior students are now ready to level up their performance. They will experience true to life rehearsal environments as they creatively and cooperatively build performance worthy presentations together.

Students will have guidance preparing pieces to be used for an audition over the course of the term. AUDITION! Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered! This is an essential skill for EVERY young person to master, and it’s one that you will never regret building.   

A one act musical to be performed at our annual StageFest event in June awaits this team of performers. This production brings our senior ensemble together as a tight knit group of highly passionate, dedicated students and elevates their performance experience with a beautiful theatre venue, carefully curated costuming, props, set, lights and sound to create a theatrical experience for teen performers found nowhere else in our region.

Haven’t taken production class with us yet? That’s okay, this program does take students new to our studio but expects that anyone registering has already discovered a desire to enhance their musical theatre skills and performance experience. If you have been in your school shows, high school productions or other community theatre shows this program is for you!


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Why You Should Be Here

You should be here if you are...

  • Looking to create performance art and express your artistic self in a supportive and encouraging environment.

  • You are looking to meet like minded people who share the same musical theatre interests.

  • You want to be a part of a unique studio culture that will be full of your biggest cheerleaders while also giving you a chance to cheer on others

  • Your leadership skills are budding and you want to exercise those muscles so that you can carry them into any area of your life.

  • Have found a love of performing, even if you feel nervous, and want more opportunities to feel the sparkle of that stage light on your face.

  • You’ve seriously considered moving into a performing arts field after high school 

  • Nervous! Nerves mean something inside you cares what performing could do for you in your life. There’s a curiosity there and it’s time to indulge it!!

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Our Commitment

The Stage is proud to create a safe space for all who walk through our doors. All backgrounds and gender identities are acknowledged and celebrated and we encourage everyone to join our Stage family.

The arts have something to offer everyone and we KNOW that we will make a hugely positive impact in your life.

  • We commit to supporting every student in their artistic journey and honour the journey they are on in their individual lives. 

  • We commit to becoming a positive addition to your educational community.

  • We commit to providing the best possible training in this field so that you feel confident stepping into the next chapter of your performance journey, even if that means entering a completely different field.

    • Everyone, literally everyone, becomes a performer at some stage in their life, whether that’s on an actual stage, at a job, as a parent or a community leader. The empathy, self awareness and leadership skills that you will develop while studying the arts will spill into every area of your life.

  • We commit to respecting our students for who they are, young performers who represent the future of arts and culture in our world and who deserve to have their work celebrated and honoured with a high level of production value.

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Your Commitment

Your first commitment is to yourself. Students should be open to the process of learning, growing, streeeeeetching and feeling challenged (but inspired!) as they move through the program.

We are making NO guarantees that you will find the program “easy”, but you will find it immensely rewarding and will leave each week feeling like your creative bucket has been filled.

Now, teens are busy, busier than ever it seems. 

It’s important to know going in that this program should be in your top 2 activities for the week outside of school hours.

If you are a teen who is already heavily involved in cheerleading, circus, karate, competitive dance, debate team, lifeguarding, horseback riding AND babysitting we think that is AWESOME! We look forward to having you join us when you’re ready to commit to this program with the attention it needs so that you can be your most successful self.

Students are expected to attend weekly rehearsals on Tuesdays from 5:00-8:00pm from September-June

When necessary the directors will work with students to book additional rehearsals in order to ensure their successful performance.

When possible, special workshops are organized to further enhance your understanding of your craft, whether it be voice, acting or choreography and these will take place outside of regular class time.

There is an at home rehearsal expectation so that students are arriving each week ready to move on to the next part of the rehearsal process. 

If it scares you a teensy bit, that’s okay! We promise that we will invest in you as much as you invest in yourself. You deserve to have your artistry acknowledged, you deserve this program

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What Our Students Say

“My favourite thing about the stage program is probably the people. Everyone is so nice and they make coming to the rehearsals so much better. I also love all the songs and numbers.” - Sophie C.

“The best part of being a part of The Stage is being able to be with the amazing teachers and students there, as well as being able to improve on my skills in the theatre. This is a really fun program which helps you improve on your skills and be yourself openly in a safe and supporting environment.” ” - Aelin P.

“It is REALLY fun! It's the highlight of my week,and I love hanging out with all the kind supportive people who go/work there.” - Olivia P. 

“I think the most valuable part has been the meeting and socializing with new friends and becoming more confident to actually be able to act and sing on stage. Being in the performing arts has helped me become more confident in every day life, such as talking in class and when I meet new people.” - Rachel C. 

“The instructors are so much fun and I get to exercise with dancing. I get to be myself and it is very inclusive and everyone is so kind.” - Andrew T.

“JUST DO IT!” - Keeley D.

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Show Selection

We feel that we can be real with you. There's no point in getting off on the wrong foot together!

While we'd LOVE to announce the show choice in advance of the start of the class, we've learned that while the program develops it's important that we cater the show selection to the students we have in our program.

This ensures that we can match each student with a role in the show that is going to see them challenged but successful while honouring where they are at in their performance journey.

We strive for a 90 minute show (or longer) for senior students. 

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Weekly Schedule

Tuesday 5:00-8:00pm

September 2022 - June 2023

Annual Schedule Considerations

At numerous times of the year additional rehearsals are called by the directors for specific groups of students who are working on specific sections of the show. 

You may also be called in for costume measurements/fittings, head shots or promotional photos.

The dates and times for the additional time commitments will be given to you with as much notice as possible. 

StageFest Schedule

Students registering are asked to remain available for June 1 - June 12, 2023 until StageFest 2023 dates are finalized.

StageFest 2023 will fall within that range of dates and specific information will be released after the program commences.


$210 (+GST) Monthly for 10 months (First Payment at Registration, 9 payments September-May)

No less than 115 instructional/rehearsal hours not including StageFest production schedule or community event opportunities.

StageFest: Approximately 15-20 additional hours


  • Weekly in studio rehearsal times
  • Any additional rehearsal times as called by your directors
  • All show material and rehearsal supplies
  • All costume rentals and creation for each student
  • Invitation to continuing education workshops when available
  • Headshots
  • 2 tickets/student to StageFest each year 

If you’ve got any questions please let us know! We’re happy to help you. Please find us at info(at)

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