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A Heart for the Arts

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As will come as no surprise all arts businesses have faced difficult times due to Covid and we are no exception. While we have been very lucky to have some of our programs running to some degree, the losses are still being felt and indicate that the road back to our much loved “normal” could be a long one.

We turned to the arts in this crazy time. Who among us didn’t read more books, watch more movies or tv, listen to podcasts, taken up painting, or knitting or even cooking more at home! All of these activities are arts related and were vital to maintaining our mental health as we faced each day with uncertainty.

Our hearts are deeply invested in maintaining our programs to see our students through this once in a life time experience (…perhaps that’s a positive spin on a global pandemic…) and ensure that as we make our way out of this they are equipped with resilience, grit, empathy, strength and courage to continue building their lives in a forward direction that sees them become the positive change makers the world needs so desperately.

To many people we are teaching dance, music, theatre and performance skills, of course.  We know that more than that we are giving young people an opportunity to learn and develop so many more vital life skills that will see them be successful people no matter where their dreams take them. We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with future community leaders, teachers, artists, parents, scientists, engineers, advocates and all around amazing human beings.

This year, as part of StageFest 2021, an annual event held at Anvil Centre, we wanted to find caring members of our community to help us fill in our Heart for the Arts backdrop. We are looking for people who have A Heart for the Arts to show their support of this annual celebration of youth in the arts with a $25 purchase towards our Sponsor Wall. With this purchase you will receive your name on our Sponsor Wall displayed at the top of every one of our StageFest performances. Our goal is to fill the screen (a whopping 1200 sq ft.)  with at least 100 names to showcase a vast community of arts supporters.

If you are a business we kindly ask that you consider our StageFest Business Sponsor option. Click Here for more information.

If you have any questions before you submit please email info@thestagenewwest.ca and we will be happy to help!