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BrightLights: Early Years

What It's All About
Why You Should Be Here
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What It's All About

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Imagine an immersive arts education experience for your child with the added benefit of making new friends! Witness their incredible growth as they play with music, dance, language, mindfulness and discover more about their own unique, creative skills, imaginations and world. Right before your eyes you will see your young child uncover and celebrate their new found skills with confidence and enthusiasm. What better way could there be to lay the foundation for elementary school than by filling your child’s cup with curiosity and excitement for learning?

This morning social play program engages young learners in art, music, dance, theatre, mindfulness and cultural exploration while building friendships and gaining independence. Our daily schedule builds confidence and trust between our students and educators while providing a large variety of activities to keep students interested all year long!

This program focuses on the incredibly important social emotional development of our young students. Kindergarten success is not guaranteed because preschool aged students have been asked to complete worksheets and memorize flash cards.

Preschool aged students move confidently into Kindergarten when they have had a chance to

  • establish social groups
  • learn how to play with others
  • enjoy exploring new ideas, games and stories with their friends
  • confidently express their inner world to their classmates and teachers
  • indulge their creativity
  • develop confidence and control of their body and how it moves and navigates the world
  • regulate themselves emotionally and
  • when they feel great about themselves and about learning!

Arts immersion strives to empower each child so that moving forward they are ready, willing and excited to take on the next educational challenges like reading and writing.

Your child will move, sing, dance, paint, listen, draw, speak, whisper, crawl, tip toe, jump, laugh and MORE!

Special Considerations (or What Makes Us Special)

Our program, as described in the Daily Schedule, has been assessed and cleared by our local Childcare Licensing officer.
As an Arts Immersion program we are offering classes that take place during morning hours. We are not offering child care or preschool in the commonly understood sense and should not be considered as such. Classes must meet minimum enrolment numbers in order to run.
Regarding pick up times, students in the later group should plan to be picked up after their class is over versus at the earliest available pick up time for parents. This way they don't miss out on parts of their performing arts class. We encourage parents to enjoy a few extra minutes of quiet time while they allow their child to finish their class.
At this time the government does not recognize programs like ours to be eligible for subsidy. We recognize that this undermine's our program and our services and we encourage you to reach out to our local MLA and rally support around the changes we need in government to help reputable, reliable and capable businesses with expertise in working with children to become a support system for families in our area. You can email our MLA by clicking here.

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Why You Should Be Here

You and your child should be in BrightLights Early Years if....

  • you are looking for an alternative to a traditional preschool setting.
  • you have already found a great part-time place at a fabulous preschool but are looking to add an additional education experience for your child each week.
  • your child hasn't participated in a lot of social experiences yet and you'd like a low commitment class to try before committing to something longer term.
  • you have an appreciation for the arts because you enjoyed them as a child
  • you have an appreciation for the arts because you DIDN'T have ample enough opportunity yourself as a child to fully explore their life-long benefits. (This is exceptionally common)
  • you want your young child to spend their days learning through play, not drilling flashcards and filling in worksheets.
  • you've already noticed an artistic sparkle in your child or would like to create the spark!

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Class Descriptions

In the second half  of every class we have an art exploration time where students will enjoy painting, drawing, chalk, clay, crafts, crayons, pencils and more while we create works of art to round out the day.


Children are inherently musical! That’s right! Even if you think your 3 year old can’t carry a tune in a bucket (no matter how loudly they sing), musical discovery and exploration at this age is almost as natural as breathing. This class will see your child singing and playing musical instruments while exploring a variety of different musical styles. We practice listening (yes, it can be practiced!) with a variety of fun animal sounds and games, we explore musical stories with movement and we practice fundamental music skills like pitch matching and rhythm patterns. We will learn about different instruments and hear their sounds while also enjoying our own basic sound makers; drums, sticks, shaker eggs, triangles, bells, and resonator bars (and of course we can’t forget scarves and ribbons!). 


We just can’t sit still!! The perfect class for our newest movers and shakers! A full creative movement class awaits students looking to spread their wings and soar. With dancing games we introduce basic technique and vocabulary while enjoying movement stories and props like scarves, ribbons and blocks. Your child will embody dancing animals and weather patterns and practice short rhythmic sequences all designed to help build the oh so important brain/body connection. Confidence and awareness of our body becomes confidence and awareness in our navigation of the world. The benefits of early movement education are truly undeniable. 


This way to the stage! There is never a better time to experience the wonder and magic of storytelling than in the very brief preschool ages. How much does your child love to play make believe, dress up, and hear bedtime stories? These are a few of the staples of childhood. Students will discover a new story experience by bringing to life well known characters and creatures, creating their own personas and taking wild imaginary adventures. Theatre games are NEVER dull and every child loves a laughter filled game of charades here and there. If you’re looking for a class that will support your child as they emerge from their shell or cocoon and into a confident flying turtle...wait...that’s not right...then this is the class for you!

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Daily Schedule

The daily schedule gives students a sense of calm and ease as they return each day. Periodically we will have special days where the schedule will change but for the most part this is what students and families can expect.  

9:00-9:15am - Arrival and Tinker Tray

  • Students can take their time settling in to the day with a tray full of different materials to design and build with. This gathering time gives students a chance to warm into the day and have discussions with their friends before we begin.

9:15-9:30am - Warm up Rituals

  • When we move into our studio room we take a moment to check in with everyone. The activities planned in the Warm Up Rituals are designed to get our imaginations humming, our ears listening, our friends sharing and our bodies limber and livened up for the class ahead. The Warm Up Rituals set the tone for the class and give our students the clear indication that class is starting. 

9:30-10:25am - Class Time

  • Depending on the day of the week this is the time when we participate in our music, dance, theatre, mindfulness or cultural exploration classes.

10:25-10:30am - Quiet Time

  • This part of the class is used to transition students from their class time and into the second half of the day. Students enjoy the 3-5 minutes of peaceful music in their own space to calm their bodies and ready their ears before moving on. (Oddly this becomes one of the most requested activities!)

10:30-10:40am - Bathroom Trip

  • Students and their teachers take a quick trip to the bathroom located down the hall from our studio. All students are encouraged to try so that the remainder of class time isn't interrupted with emergency trips to the bathroom.

10:40-11:00am - Snack Time

  • Playing is hungry work and now's our time to refuel! Parents provide students with a nutritious, allergen free snack, and a refillable water bottle to keep us going!

11:00-11:25am - Art

  • Students will explore a variety of different, age appropriate art and craft activities. Sometimes our projects will take a couple sessions to complete and other days we will get to take them home right away. Anything that is kept is put into an art book to enjoy at the end of the term.

11:25-11:30 - Closing Rituals

  • Students have a chance to bookend their day with closing rituals to discuss their favourite activity and gather their art work for departure.

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What Our Parents Say
"The programs offered at the Stage are very engaging and beneficial for children's musical, artistic, and social development. I've brought my preschool aged son for classes since he was a baby, and will continue with my second child. I truly believe the music and dramatic arts classes my son attended have been invaluable to his growth and development. We are so lucky to have The Stage in New Westminster and I know I speak for many parents when I say how important it is to the families in our community." -Jennifer F.
"The opportunity for young kids to enjoy performance arts in a safe environment is priceless" - Corrine O.
"The Stage has helped both of my daughters instill a love for music and dancing. Attending classes at The Stage has taught them how to work together in a group setting and express emotions while making new friends." - Laura C.
"Performing arts is such a powerful education opportunity for children. Our children have grown so much from attending classes. The studio is a community full of love and support. More families should experience what the Stage provides kids." Jenna F.
"My daughter has loved all of the classes she has taken. All of the teachers and staff are amazing -they are great with the kids and more than happy to answer any questions I have. My daughter has always been pretty outgoing, but I have noticed her self confidence soar through these classes." - Christine G.
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Fun Extras


After students finish their time in BrightLights Early Years and are starting kindergarten we have a wonderful after school class series to welcome them into. In this program they will be surrounded by familiar friendly faces and can continue their enjoyment and arts immersive experience with music, dance, theatre and art classes all year long.


Whild covid put a damper on our events this year we hope to offer a couple special “Show and Tell” days for families throughout the year so that students can share their classroom experience with their parents. Stay tuned for more information!


At the end of each year we host a graduation party for our friends that are moving on to Kindergarten. Complete with caps, gowns and certificates our graduating friends and their families can enjoy a special gathering time to reflect on the year and have fun with their friends. Our friends that are returning for another year also get recognition as they embark on another year’s adventure.


We make a LOT of art in this program and sometimes we keep a few pieces behind to include in a lovely scrapbook carefully prepared for each student. A few times a year we will send the book home to be enjoyed and it when it returns we continue to fill it with art. At the end of the year you’ve got a pre-organized, completely original coffee table book that your child will be incredibly proud to show to everyone.


This year we are pleased to offer a private Instagram account where photos of our adventures will be shared throughout the year. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at our classes and all the cool stuff we do! No more “I don’t know” or “nothing” when you ask them what they did that day!

All these extras and more surprises are in store for you! Click now to register!

Tuition & Details

Age Requirement

Students must be 3-5 years old at the time of registration. We do not accept 2 year olds in this program.

Available Days

Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday


Each day runs 9:00-11:30am

Class Size

Currently class sizes are capped at 10 students with 1 instructor and 1 assistant. 


3 days/week - $375+GST/month (Average 30 hours/month)

2 days/week - $250+GST/month (Average 20 hours/month)

1 day/week - $160+GST/month (Average 10 hours/month)

The monthly fee remains the same regardless of the number of days in each month. The classes are charged at an annual rate, based on 116 class days in the year, divided monthly for ten months. As such, months with more days are not charged at a higher rate.

Payment Schedule

This program runs on a subscription style payment schedule.  This allows us to make the monthly registration process easier. Once you are enrolled in the class your spot is maintained until you say stop! 

Families are required to sign up for Autopay and each month's tuition will be due on the 15th of the previous month. (Example August 15th pays Septembers program, September 15th pays October’s program and so on)

Studio/Class Closures

As this is an arts based co-curricular program we follow the studio’s closure schedule. A detailed list of dates will be shared after registration.

There are no classes:

  • All statutory holidays including Easter Monday
  • 2 week winter holiday break
  • 2 week spring break
  • July and August

It is important to note that as we are a co-curricular program, classes that do not meet the minimum running number each month may be cancelled.

Class Readiness Considerations

We require that your child be “pro-potty” prior to registration for this program. 

Educators are only responsible for assisting children to and from the bathroom, ensuring hand washing, and aiding in buttons and zippers when needed. Educators are not required to change diapers or assist with hygiene (wiping) unless there is an accident or emergency. You can read our full bathroom policy here.

We require full disclosure of any unique learning or developmental needs or known diagnoses your child has prior to starting the program. This helps prepare our educators for your child’s participation and sets everyone up for success. 

We are incredibly happy to invite any member of your child’s developmental team (behaviour consultant, behaviour interventionist, speech pathologist etc.) or other professional team member if it is of benefit to your child’s experience.

We cannot wait to welcome you! Click here to register!